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Our organic hemp is decarboxylated using organic coconut oil.  This product is in demand for our customers making high end pet suppliments, teas, gummies and other full spectrum products. 


Many customers have learned that by relying on organic products they can insure that their loved ones are getting the best medicine possible. No side effects, no impurities and nothing but organic products in this two (2) ingredient product.  Each pound has over 5500mg of CBD

Decarboxylated Hemp

1 Pound



    Image by Joel Muniz

    Knee Pain

    I was having knee pain that kept me awake, this made it calm down so I could sleep.

    Mary from Colorado

    CBD High Intensity Balm


    Restless Leg Syndrome
    and Sleeping

    I got this for pain, but found out it also calms down restless leg syndrome and itchy legs, as well as making it easier to fall asleep.

    Sigrun from Washington

    CBD Balm


    Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

    Arthritic Hands

    Could not close my hand due to pain, got relief in less than 1 hour!

    Mark from Wyoming

    CBD High Intensity Balm


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