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About WellSpring Farm


Nestled in a cedar-ringed bowl of Stearns Creek, WellSpring Farm was established in 2020 as one of the first organic medicine farms in Washington State.  Originally boasting fruit and veggies, the farm is being transformed into a natural medicine oasis by owners Mark and Margaret.  First year projects have included 2400 square feet of indoor organic hemp production, 3 acres of certified organic fields for outdoor medicinal production, a nut orchard, a fresh use herb garden, a berry orchard for exotic berry crops, a cold storage facility, and a seedling greenhouse. 

With a nutritionist and plant medicine formulator (Margaret) and a sustainability expert (Mark) as owners, the farm's achievement of USDA WSDA certified organic status in the first year should not be surprising.  Future plans for North American  plant medicines include elderberry, hawthorn, goldenseal, nettles, ginseng and elecampane.  

WellSpring's 37 acres are naturally configured to include many microclimates and habitats for a variety of plants.  Creek bottom land is planned for organic hemp, forest fields will be well suited to a nettle and goldenseal understory beneath hawthorns and elders. The rocky hillside below the barn may eventually look like a Mediterranean vineyard with herbs that like a hot and dry environment, while the forested spring-fed ridge behind the forest field will be home to wasabi, wild mushrooms, and native forest medicines like Oregon grape and ginseng.

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