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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to - In visiting this website, you agree to accept the following terms and conditions of WellSpring Farm LLC. (hereafter referred to as “WellSpring Farm”, “WellSpring Farm LLC”, “us”, “we”). Please read each section carefully. To fully understand the conditions and business practices of WellSpring Farm and your guidelines for conducting business with us, please review our Privacy Policy.


We reserve the right to modify, alter, or change these Terms of Use at any time at our own discretion, and your continued usage of this Website will be conditioned upon the Terms of Use in force at the time you have used the Website. You retain the freedom to check the most current version of the Terms of Use at this page, and it is suggested you do so periodically.

Please also view our Return and Warranty policies for any questions you may have.


If we make any changes to these terms and conditions we will notify you by posting a notice on this site. By placing any subsequent orders, you will be accepting the changed terms and conditions.


(a) Eligibility. With the exceptions expressed below, WellSpring Farm products are to be used only by, and Membership is limited to, only those individuals who can form legitimate, legally binding contracts under applicable law. This goes without limitation, as minors are strictly prohibited from becoming WellSpring Farm Members and, except as specifically stated below, using our fee-based products. WellSpring Farm Membership is defined by engaging in and completing a purchase agreement with WellSpring Farm wherein you, the consumer purchase one of the products found on the Web Site.

(b) Compliance. You must comply with all terms and conditions of this Agreement, all of the policies referenced below, and all of the necessary applicable laws, regulations, and rules when you use the Web Site.

(c) License and Restrictions. You are hereby granted a limited, non-exclusive right to use any of the content and materials on this Website in the normal course of your use of the Website for your own non-commercial purposes, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You are not free to use any third party intellectual property without the expressly written permission of the applicable third party, except as permitted by law. WellSpring Farm and its licensors will retain all ownership of its intellectual property rights and you may not obtain any rights therein by virtue of this Agreement or otherwise, except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. You have no right to copy, use, perform, display, or create derivative works from, transmit, distribute, have distributed, or sublicense from materials or content available on the Web Site, except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. You may not attempt to reverse engineer any of the products available on the Website.  

(d) Prohibited Conduct. When using this WellSpring Farm Website, you are prohibited from 

  • (i). infringing any patent, copyright, right of publicity, trademark, trade secret, or any other right of any party; 

  • (ii). defaming, abusing, harassing, stalking an individual, or disrupt or interfere with the security or use of the Services, this Website, or any of the websites linked to this Website; 

  • (iii). interfering or damaging this Website or Services which include without limitation, the use of viruses, Trojan horses, cancel bots, flood pings, harmful code, packet or IP spoofing, denial of attacks, forged routing or electronic mail address information or similar methods of technology used in a malignant manner; 

  • (iv). attempting to use another person's user account, impersonating another entity or person, misrepresentation of your affiliation with another entity or person, and this includes, without limitation, the Website or the creation of a false identity;

  • (v). attempting to obtain unauthorized access to this Website or portions of the Website that is restricted from general access; 

  • (vi). engaging, whether in a direct or indirect manner, in the transmission of “spam,” junk mail, chain letters, or any other type of unsolicited solicitation or material; 

  • (vii). collecting, manually or through an electronic and/or automatic process, information regarding any other user(s) without their express consent, or other information relating to the Website or the Services; 

  • (viii). using any meta tags, or any other “hidden text” that may utilize the WellSpring Farm name, any trademarks, or product names; 

  • (ix). advertising, offering to sell, or the selling of any goods or services, except as it may be expressly permitted by the Website; 

  • (x). engaging in any activity that may interfere with any third party's ability to use or enjoy the Website or Services; or 

  • (xi). assisting any third party that may be engaging in any of these activities prohibited by this Agreement.


(e) Electric Communications. Anytime you send WellSpring Farm an email or log in to our website at, you are communicating with us in an electronic format. This gives WellSpring Farm, the permission to communicate back to you in the same electronic format, either by email or text written on our website. With this, we both mutually agree that any contracts, agreements, disclosures or notices, or any other communication that is provided to you by WellSpring Farm satisfies all legal notification requirements.

(f) Other Users. If for some reason, you become aware of any conduct that is in violation of this Agreement, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately. We reserve the right, but hold no obligation to respond to such communications.

WellSpring Farm products are intended for use exclusively by adults and in no way ever intended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those who have product sensitivities.

WellSpring Farm LLC is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by inappropriate, incorrect, or irresponsible use of our products. We reserve the right to change specifications, product descriptions, product quality, pricing, and application at any time without prior written or oral notice.

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