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Tatoo Bliss Healing CBD Balm

This balm was specially designed to heal wounds and bruising. If it has a scab this balm can let it heal faster and scar less.  Any inflammation is targeted and rapidly diminished.

The name "Tatoo" comes from  the Mauri Islanders. When they got a flesh wound or bruise it was called a "Ta" and in their French lingo all theses injuries were "Ta tous" . So when Americans showed up in the eighteen hundreds they liked the islanders body art and called them wonderful tattoo's.  For the Mauri warriors this was like calling them all "barney's" (surfer lingo for clumsy wanna be's) which led to escalating warrior temperatures.  The Mauri's words for their elegant body art was not even close to tattoo so the friction lasted until this date.

And yes Tatoo Bliss works great on new tattoo's also.


Tatoo Bliss Healing Balm

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