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This is a body scrub like no other.  With over 240 grams of organic CBD hemp in each tin it is a powerful sleep aid and mood stimulant. Made with organic cane sugar and organic hemp grown on our farm this product has nothing but good for you and your body.  We recommend using sparingly until each user builds to desired effect. Start a very warm shower with you or you and a partner. After getting very warm turn off the shower and scrub about a half tablespoon on each arm or a whole tablespoon onto each other's back. Rub hard to get off the barnacles and to melt the hemp into open pores. Rinse with hot water briefly for strongest effect or use soap to get a very mild effect.

Our users consistently describe the effects as the best night of sleep in years. Or if done in tandem some of the most frolicking nights and sometimes days in decades!  Think of how much fun you can have just testing this product! 

Blissed Out Body Scrub

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