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This product is for use in a shower. Get you or you and your partner very warmed up in a hot shower.  Turn the water off and do your arms or legs, or each others backs as first test due to high potency. Use only a tablespoon or two per person and rub briskly into the skin. Turn shower on and rinse with water for strong effect or with soap for a much smaller effect.  Users describe a most pleasant sleep or the best night of frolicing in many years, your choice!

Blissed Out Body Scrub

  • Please Consider

    If you body scrub your entire body you may sleep from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.  Or at the very least be groggy for the weeked. Start small and use as its effect pleases or harshes your mellow.



Image by Joel Muniz

Knee Pain

I was having knee pain that kept me awake, this made it calm down so I could sleep.

Mary from Colorado

CBD High Intensity Balm


Restless Leg Syndrome
and Sleeping

I got this for pain, but found out it also calms down restless leg syndrome and itchy legs, as well as making it easier to fall asleep.

Sigrun from Washington

CBD Balm


Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Arthritic Hands

Could not close my hand due to pain, got relief in less than 1 hour!

Mark from Wyoming

CBD High Intensity Balm


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