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CBD balm can be used topically for temporary relief in conditions like arthritis and other joint pain.  The balm includes soothing and moisturizing elements for your skin, and may also promote sleep - always good when dealing with pain.  See customer testimonials for more information about how others have benefitted.  


This CBD balm is our highest potency; higher than most on the market.  It was formulated especially to capture the most CBD possible into a fast-absorbing form.  If you need stronger relief, this product beats the grocery store versions with 1/4 or less CBD per oz.    


For maximum relief, apply liberally to affected joints.  For sleep support, apply to hands and inner forearms and wait about 20 minutes.


Be sure to let us know what your experience is - we love to hear how our product is helping people.

CBD High Intensity Balm (600mg)

1 Ounce
  • CBD Balm

    WellSpring CBD Balm is cottage crafted in our lab, using only the finest ingredients and our home grown organic hemp buds.  The buds are decarboxylated for 6 hours in organic coconut oil, and then strained and mixed with organic beeswax, organic shea butter (not certified), and organic essential oils.  The resulting product is truly full-spectrum, gentle on skin, absorbs fast, does not make you smell like cannabis, and rivals the highest concentration of CBD currently available in a balm.  Our method gets the most CBD into the jar without additional chemicals or destructive extraction methods.  Enjoy!!


    Please contact us via email for replacement products  or to get a return authorization.  We aspire to be Amazon, but may have to settle for personal touch and support.



Image by Joel Muniz

Knee Pain

I was having knee pain that kept me awake, this made it calm down so I could sleep.

Mary from Colorado

CBD High Intensity Balm


Restless Leg Syndrome
and Sleeping

I got this for pain, but found out it also calms down restless leg syndrome and itchy legs, as well as making it easier to fall asleep.

Sigrun from Washington

CBD Balm


Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Arthritic Hands

Could not close my hand due to pain, got relief in less than 1 hour!

Mark from Wyoming

CBD High Intensity Balm


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